Saturday, September 24, 2011

A fresh start

2 weeks flew in a snap while I was still in the midst of semi-conscious on things whirling around me, still disbelieves that another phase of student's life had began a fortnight ago. Lectures started as usual and we've been introduced with a whole new level of knowledge where there's a lot of practical classes compared to our first year. Basically there are optech and prosthetic labs where we'll be spending most of time for the rest of our second year doing projects and learning new things over there. As far as I concerned, it's ain't gonna be an easy job since I've been told that re-do will be our best friend during the classes. Hence, I promised I'll be a well learner and stop mitigating works and assignments, violating them with reckless attitude, which is my very me back in first year. :P

Our prosthetic lab

Tools provided during optech

Friends of course is the first thing we've been looking forward to be with when new semester started. Happy faces resembles a mouthful of sweet candies that makes you burst in delightment but you still couldn't get enough. There are laughters and catch ups surrounding you, the most frenzy yet exciting tune you ever heard at that moment. And we made few hang outs too, nothing crazy, just a warm simple hang outs with friends.

A very fresh start. :P

I'm running out of words so that's all for now I guess. Wish me luck peeps! :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Consider how much time consuming life is, how things constantly change throughout couple decades of life, when life is pretty much a roller coaster ride where in an absurd moment you found yourself plummeting straight down to ground at time you reckoned you were at the highest peak a very short moment ago, you know you would need someone who willingly to remain beside you riding the same roller coaster and grow old with you throughout another decades of life.

This friend I tell you is no ordinary friend of mine. She has been there through my worst years yet she never left. It always this friend who crossed immediately in mind when things run chaos and haywire. It always this friend when you tell you don't want to talk bout it so she remain silence yet remind you that she's still around whenever you need her. It always this friend who offer you good advices when you reach dead end and see no way things going to work out. It always this friend that embraces you as a fine person when you sees yourself in nothingness. When the right person is there all this time would you ask for more?

Last month, where the moon of Ramadhan was about to dwindle to its' precious few, at last I get to spend few hours with her after 2 years haven't see her face and the only magical device that keep us attached is handphones. Since she's studying at Sarawak, so it is almost impossible for us to meet up frequently. That few hours were unexplainable fun. We talked and chatted excessively. We laughed till stomach cracked resounding the audio with the most horrifying laughters till few strangers gave us that bizzare look. Too bad we got no extra days to spend together because she was going back to her hometown Kedah for Raya celebration the next day. But that few hours were just precious so I couldn't be happier. I am looking forward to meet her next year since we have sketched big plans for our long holidays. Hopefully everything turns out well.

It's true that we all have our priority. In my case, uni's friends are my priority now, I spend most of my time with them. I'm having excess fun and no doubt they are awesome friends indeed. But over all the priorities, this friend is part of my life, we bond great friendship since we were in highschool. Hence, let's bring it till what futures could hold instead of let it as another memories. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Penang Trip with The Penangites.

It had been few months away since the last time the meets up with zealous girls, closest friends from my high school year, happened. I was overwhelmed when we finally managed to have a small gathering again last week. It's just a mini group, where only half of us were coming, while the others are occupied with their uni's schedules. Spending time and repeating the high school memories all over again never sounded boring instead, it gave a sudden urge of wanting time to untangle to its' precious few. A warmth feeling sprawled among us when we flipped through the journal of our final year at school. So funny till we couldn't stop laughing, couldn't believe it have been almost 3 years now.

We spent 3 days 2 nights at Yana's house and our main event was jungle trekking and boating. It's very rare to happen that we prefer doing this kind of sports but we decide for this one time, we shall give it a try, at Taman Negara P.Pinang. For me personally, it turns out great and a whole new experience for us, despite we disbelieve we could actually done this at the first place. My favorite part was the boating of course, which I know they would say the same too. The tempestuous wave during the boating was very exciting and fun! I hope to have it again next time. The rest of the trip include the food marathon at Padang Kota Lama and queens, Kerang Bakar was always a favourite (except for Wawa, haha!). Yummay!

Camwhoring plays the major role as always, so here you go.

Credit to Yana for the edit.

Am looking forward to meet the others and have a complete gathering next time. That would be fun! Guess that's all for now, I'm signing off.
xo Aida

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't worry be happy.

I remember when I stand as a child, me and mum came to KL for the very first time of my lifetime, visiting my aunt back to 7 or 8 years ago. It was an eager moment at time I see KL reveled in luxury and frenzy with my own eyes after years of spending time in front of tv's screen knowing about it. KL with it's own cacophony of city traffic strangely was exciting. One day aunty brought us to a sanctuary store, which there contain an old man selling various types of stones and jades which I wasn't quite into it but mum in the other hand, was very much into it. I didn't know how was their conversation but turns out discovered that this old man is a fortune teller and she asked mum to show her palm. After a few mumbles this and that, mum in her amaze mode asked him "what do you think of my daughter?" and what happen next evoke intense memory of him even now, where I stand as an adult. He looked at me, staring deeply into my eyes with his subtle smile, it was a long quite before I flinched from him and he said "this girl is a hardcore thinker".

Not to say I believe in those fortune teller thingy but in that case, I couldn't agree more with him. I knew since I was a kid I have my own perspectives, I observed people and I think. Even now, I have this habit of randomly picked stranger I saw across the road, or sitting at the bus stop or eating at the mcD and imagined what would I do if I was him/her, where would I go after this, what would I say. Weird much? haha

For me personally, thinking is good, thinking grows sharp perspectives. But the only question is, would you rather to see glass through half full or half empty? Thinking is cue towards a better life yet, it somehow dangerously can twirl your mind and developed an absurd worry. Worry is helpful in terms of concern, solicitous etc, but the other half tells you, you've been thinking too much, twirling your mind with ping of thoughts and turns out you feeling intimidate by your own thoughts.

I believe there were days I've been thinking too much till I started to worry out of nowhere. It's a negative side of me that I never been proud off. But to know that there is always a tiny space where you can find forgiveness and learn to be a better you, you just have to convince yourself. So I stop being mean and forgive myself. Eventually (especially now) I learned to stop seeing glass through half empty. As far as I'm concern, I am still a happy person and I enjoy observing people. Like they said, life is too short to worry much. :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Which one is you?

"nobody's perfect" or "nothing's perfect" or "perfection is boring" is a familiar quote in which have the capability of bringing it intense effect apart from very appeasing to us as human being. For so many centuries, we've been nurtured that human and perfection doesn't blend together in defense with simple acceptable reason; nothing is perfect. But does it actually brainwashed our mind that we should stop seeking for perfection and be grateful with one simplicity? Does it increase the clarity of the quotes we've been overwhelmed with? My answer is no. The fact that human nature themselves reluctant of seeing that nothing is flawless, is the reason why. Human nature is the key.

Let's make a brief representation of people and perfection with people when buying shoes, different people have different preferences. And we can observe three different type of them.

First, the one that well satisfied with a pair of comfortable shoes, despite of its' brand, either it is well known brand or not. Doesn't bother if it's a pair of moderate shoes as long as one comfortable with it. They chose security over perfection.

Second, the one that willing to spend extra time in a mall to search for a pair of perfect shoes and comfortable enough. Well known brand, attractive and edgy with gold quality genuine leather, of course with good cushioning just so it prevent sore feet, that when you put it onto yours you know it's the one you've been searching for. It takes extra time and extra cash, but worth buying indeed.

Third is a masochist type, willing to bear with soreness felt at their feet as long as the shoes are perfect in their eyes, with well known brand that one can held head high and walk with proud nudging everyone. The pain is pleasurable as long as one can be vain about how perfect the shoes are.

So which one is you? the type that well satisfied with what life have offered you? or the type that willing to make some sacrifice, chasing the perfection and at the same time it promising you the sense of secure? or the type that rummage for perfection eventhough you are well aware that it's gonna hurt you?