Saturday, September 24, 2011

A fresh start

2 weeks flew in a snap while I was still in the midst of semi-conscious on things whirling around me, still disbelieves that another phase of student's life had began a fortnight ago. Lectures started as usual and we've been introduced with a whole new level of knowledge where there's a lot of practical classes compared to our first year. Basically there are optech and prosthetic labs where we'll be spending most of time for the rest of our second year doing projects and learning new things over there. As far as I concerned, it's ain't gonna be an easy job since I've been told that re-do will be our best friend during the classes. Hence, I promised I'll be a well learner and stop mitigating works and assignments, violating them with reckless attitude, which is my very me back in first year. :P

Our prosthetic lab

Tools provided during optech

Friends of course is the first thing we've been looking forward to be with when new semester started. Happy faces resembles a mouthful of sweet candies that makes you burst in delightment but you still couldn't get enough. There are laughters and catch ups surrounding you, the most frenzy yet exciting tune you ever heard at that moment. And we made few hang outs too, nothing crazy, just a warm simple hang outs with friends.

A very fresh start. :P

I'm running out of words so that's all for now I guess. Wish me luck peeps! :)

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